Contribute To A Good Cause By Volunteering With Us

Volunteering has always been one of the most effective ways to give back to society. Usually, it is seen as a human’s contributions to the course of charity or humanity.

For us at the Indonesian Film Festival, volunteering means a lot. This is why we constantly call on people who are interested in helping the filmmaking industry and Indonesia festival grow.

As a non-profit organisation, we have many activities that expand the coast of film making in Indonesia at hand, and we recognise that we need helping hands to help us achieve our various objectives. This is why we call on you to be part of the team that achieves this objective of expanding the coast of film making in Indonesia by deciding to volunteer with us.

Benefits of Volunteering With Indonesia Film Festival

Volunteering with us has numerous benefits. At the Indonesian Film Festival, we like to think of volunteering as a symbiotic relationship. As you give your time and skill to our course, you are also exposed to various opportunities for building yourself and becoming a better person. Some of the benefits you stand to get when you volunteer with us include;

Broadened Knowledge Of Film Making And Cinematic:

This is what we do, and this is what we are calling you to volunteer for, so there is enough opportunity for you to pick up various lessons while you volunteer with us. Through volunteering, you will have to deal with real situations, crack problems and help reach definite solutions from time to time. This, without a doubt, will broaden your knowledge and get you more experienced in film making and cinematics. You can see volunteering with us as getting real-time training about the things that we do without necessarily attending a school for it.

Exposure And Expansion:

With volunteering, you are exposed to many life experiences which will contribute to the kind of person you are growing to become and ultimately expand you for the challenges ahead. Volunteering with us involves a practical experience that will require you to interact with people who already have their names carved in history. This experience will expand you and keep you ahead of your peers.

Access To Our Events And Festivals:

Because you are volunteering with us, you will have to work hands in gloves with other people to organise events and festivals for the Indonesian Film Festival. This experience will often give you access to our events and festivals without a fee.

The Required Task Of A Volunteer

Our volunteers are given the same opportunity to learn and develop themselves, just like our staff members. For a volunteer, various tasks would be assigned to you. But the kind of engagement you are involved in will determine what specific task you will be given. We can assure you that our volunteer’s strength and weakness are always considered before tasks are given out.

We give our volunteers optimum respect. Though you are volunteering with us, we see you as a member of the team whose commitment, skills, and time are invaluable to our organisation’s success.

If you like to be part of our team, you can reach out to us via any of our social media pages (put social media handles) or shoot us a mail via (put email address). We will be glad to welcome you on board.