Get To Know About Indonesian Film Festival

The Indonesian Film Festival is a non-profit organisation focused on bringing out the beauty in the Indonesian culture and lifestyle through film making and film festival. Since 2006 when we were established, we have expanded from what we used to be as a local and small event organiser into a full-blown non-profit organisation. This expansion and growth are as a result of our relentless efforts over the years to provide value in our services and charitable courses.

Our Objectives

Existing for more than a decade as a non-profit organisation has not been without running towards an objective for Indonesia people. Over the years, we have achieved some of these objectives, and we are still focused on enhancing every festival’s “heady zest” and catering for various movie enthusiasts in Indonesia and from different parts of the world.

We are always working around the clock to achieve these objectives, and we still constantly seek your support to help us and boost our chances of achieving these objectives.

Our Works

At the Indonesian Film Festival, we work relentlessly to ensure that we provide premium services to Indonesians and people from different parts of the world. Some of the ways we do these are through;

Film workshop: which is a way through which we ensure continuous training and teaching of the core principles of film making and cinematic studies.

Meet & Greet: which is the way we connect movie and film enthusiasts in Indonesia to their movie star favourites in the industry.

After Party: which is a way to ensure that people unwind, relieve themselves of stress and catch fun on a memorable evening.

Through these media, we have been able to showcase the complexities, simplicity and beauty in the Indonesian culture, lifestyle and festival to different people worldwide.

Our Team

Indonesian Film Festival boasts of a crop of committed members and leaders who are not just interested in film making and festival, but also in seeing that the Indonesian culture, lifestyle and festival is publicised and seen by people from different parts of the world. Those at the helms of affairs in Indonesian Film Festival are;

Ronald Wicaksana

Ronald is our founder and chairman. He has a degree in Architecture and a Masters in the same discipline from the University of Melbourne. He is well versed in the aspect of festival operation as well as marketing. He has contributed positively to the organisation’s success and has demonstrated his skills and commitment to projecting the Indonesian culture’s core aspects.

Zendi Tjandra

Zendi is our programming head. He has both a Bachelors and Masters degree in food science and applied science, respectively, from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Her commitment to the organisation’s progress is unwavering, and she has demonstrated this through her actions and selfless services over the years.

Yolanda Yasinta

Yolanda is our festival manager. She has demonstrable knowledge and passion for film making. She has been instrumental to the success of our film events and festivals across the country.