Indonesian Film Festival

Welcome to the Indonesian Film Festival

We are a non-profit organisation located in Indonesia that is focused on bringing out the beauty in the Indonesian culture and lifestyle through film making and film festival.

At the Indonesian Film Festival, we work round the clock to ensure that we provide premium services to Indonesians and people from different parts of the world. Some of the ways we do these are through;


As a non-profit organisation, our films are the means through which we express the beauty in the Indonesian culture to various audiences. Over the years, we have been able to enhance the different aspects of Indonesia’s cultural lifestyles and festival to film enthusiasts from different walks of life.

Our films are carefully selected to encompass the different interests and needs of our audience. Particularly, they go through various vetting stages by film, cultural and festival experts who can connect to what the audience wants and can keep their interest.

Film Workshop

For us at the Indonesian Film Festival, we believe that continuous training and learning are effective ways to make headways in today’s world. For people who deal in film making or have delved into cinematic studies, this is particularly important for them in order to flow with or stay ahead of the curves and changes in the film making industry.

This reason is why we have film workshops. Because this film workshop is important to us, we have decided to focus on enthusiasts of films who have demonstrated great interest in cinematic studies and are particularly keen on sharpening their filmmaking knowledge.

Meet & Greet

Nothing is as fun as meeting up with the people you have always admired and desired to meet. To many people, experiencing this is a lifetime opportunity that they wouldn’t want to miss for anything.

At the Indonesian Film festival, we understand the desire and opportunity to create a lifetime experience; that is why we have a session particularly created for meeting and greeting those you have always admired to see.

After Party

There has always been no better way to unwind after a long day of stressful activities than to buzz it out in an After Party. At an After Party, you get the opportunity to catch the best of fun and enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Having an After Party after a long and stressful event is one way we have noticed that our people are willing to chill out. This is almost the same case for the people, the actors and film directors. The problem has, however, been how to formalise this and ensure its consistency and this is where we come in to bridge the gap.

We have taken it upon ourselves to organise an After Party for our customers, film enthusiasts, actors, film directors and every other person in the industry. We believe that this will create a platform where our people can meet, interact, catch fun and burn out the body’s stress.

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