Film Workshop

Be Better With Our Film Workshop

For us, we believe that continuous training and learning are effective ways to make headways in today’s world. For people who deal in film making or have delved into cinematic studies, it is particularly important to flow with or stay ahead of the curves and changes in the film making industry.

This reason is why we have the film workshops. Because this film workshop is important to us, we have decided to focus on enthusiasts of films who have demonstrated a great interest in cinematic studies and are particularly keen on sharpening their filmmaking knowledge.

Aim Of The Film Workshop

As expected, there are objectives we have set out to achieve with this film workshop. The overall point of these objectives is the enhancement of the film industry, cinematic studies, and how film making can help boost people’s interest from different walks of life in the Indonesian culture, lifestyles, and festivals.

Some of the objectives we intend to achieve with this film workshop are

Interactions With Scriptwriter’s And Film Directors For Film Making Brilliant Performance

We understand that it requires great efforts to put off some of the best films airing across festivals in Indonesia. This is why we bring in some of the best scriptwriters and film directors to open up on some of the secrets to making brilliant performance.

In this workshop, we will be creating a platform where the film enthusiasts and those yearning for the knowledge of film making and cinematic studies will be interacting freely with experienced scriptwriters and film directors to get insight into the film’s operation making industry in Indonesia.

Selection Of Scene Coverage

With the crop of expert scriptwriters and film directors at the workshop, it would be incomplete if we don’t create an opportunity for scene coverage selection. This is why this workshop will feature deliberate interaction and brainstorming for the film enthusiasts, the expert scriptwriters and film directors to arrive at an excellent choice of scene coverage.

This workshop will be a great time to mix and learn directly from some of the best brains in the industry. This is why missing out on it should not be an option for you.

If you are attending, as we expect you should, you have to make registrations before the day of the event. You can make reservations for your space at the next film workshop by shooting a mail with your details here:

Please note that reservation of space at the film workshop is compulsory, as we would only be able to make preparations for those whose show of interest we have received.

The time and venue for the film festival will be communicated in due time. The seminar kits you will need will be made available at the workshop. We will also make arrangements for some light refreshments.