Projecting Indonesian Culture Through Films

As a non-profit organisation, our films are the means through which we express the beauty in the Indonesian culture to various audiences. Over the years, we have been able to enhance the different aspects of Indonesia’s cultural lifestyles and festival to film enthusiasts from different walks of life.

Our films are carefully selected to encompass the different interests and needs of our audience. Particularly, they go through various vetting stages by different film, cultural and festival experts who can connect to what the audience wants and can keep their interest.

For years now, we have maintained the standard of always giving movie enthusiasts in Indonesia and from all different parts of the world quality films that showcase the core of Indonesia cultural lifestyle. As a non-profit organisation, the standards are high, and we can’t afford to bring it down.

From time to time, we invite the general public to learn what’s new about the complexities and simplicity of Indonesia people. This way, we can entertain, inform and enlighten the public.

Our films are not just culturally inclined; they also cut across different aspects of human lives and behaviours in Indonesia and different parts of the world. This is because one of our goals as a non-profit organisation is to project films that encompass many of the social behaviours and ills in Indonesia and then, through the same films, provide solutions to them.

Some of our films like Border, Question Mark, Redemption, Boy’s Diary that we have aired in the past testify to this.

Through some of these films, we have addressed some of the ills in society and pushed forward the need for social justice and equity among all classes of people.

Since we started lending a voice to social ills through our films, there have been tremendous and noticeable changes in how things are done and the public’s perception of getting justice in deserving cases.

For our films, many films are aired or viewed at different times. So, it is better to always confirm your films’ details before venturing out to see them. We have made adequate preparations that will ease your film tickets’ purchase any time you need to get one. You can also check through this page for trailers of the films that seem to have caught your interest. This will allow you to get a brief insight into what you are coming to see and make up your mind about the best time to go for the film.

Also, note that the session time for airing our films vary greatly. This is why you should always confirm from our websites or tickets before setting out for your film.