Meet & Greet

Get To Meet & Greet Your Favourite Movie Star

Nothing is as fun as meeting up with the people you have always admired and desired to meet. To many people, experiencing this is a lifetime opportunity that they wouldn’t want to miss for anything.

At the Indonesian Film festival, we understand the desire and opportunity to create a lifetime experience; that is why we have a session particularly created for meeting and greeting those you have always admired to see.

Who Can Be At The Meet & Greet?

There is just about anyone who can be at the Meet & Greet we are putting up. The purpose of the Meet & Greet is to help you fulfil your dream of conversing with your favourite actors and movie directors.

For us at the Indonesian Film Festival, we only serve as the point of connection in the Meet & Greet. We invite you to make a lifetime experience, and we help you bring some of the best and favourite actors on board.

We have made things so easy that all you have to do is show up with a lot of eagerness and happiness to go around. The actors and directors can’t wait to meet & greet you, not just as friends, but as their support system, and for continuously being their fan.

What Can You Do At The Meet & Greet?

Generally, the meet & greet is for you to have the opportunity of meeting in person your favourite actors and film directors. There are varieties of things you can do there, but specifically, we would like to be civil and keep some of the activities fun and interactive only.

You are free to enter a conversation with as many actors and film directors as you can handle. The rule is only for you to be as friendly as you can. You can ask them questions that cut across their career and success story. You can also share your own experience and how you have come to admire the different characters they have played in films.

You may also choose to just say hello and admire them from afar without necessarily striking a conversation with them.

At the meet & greet, there will be coordinators and guests for the festivals who will be present to share a few drinks with you, share their experience and listen to what you have to tell them.

Side Attractions Of The Meet & Greet

The meet & greet also has some side attractions that will keep the whole event fun and interesting from start to finish. There will be giveaway tickets and a lot of freebies to be won by the audience. Many other different side attractions are best experienced at the venue of the event. So, you don’t want to miss this for anything.

It also promises a lot of fun experience, more than we can explain here. Make up your mind today to be part of those who will be creating a lifetime experience as they meet with many of their favourite actors and film directors.

Kindly note that the venue, time and date will be made public soon. You are advised to closely follow this page so as not to miss out on any update.